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Miami Water Sports official goal is to make boat rentals, kiteboarding, jet skys , Andmall Water relatad activities available to everyone. Not just another sport; a revolution, of innovation, and lifestyle to elevate your involvement with water sports, build lasting memories with associates, family, and friends. . Our main business is customer service. We enjoy the challenge of adapting to our customers' various schedules, requests and consistently exceeding their overall expectations. The Miami Water sports team is a group of trained individuals who are extremely committed to providing nothing less than the best possible level of executive services to our customers. We offer great solution for your corporate events, family reunions, parties, and team building activities.



Miami Water sports, is Miami's original kiteboarding center. We combine tradition and experience with the latest technology. Our lessons cater from beginner to advanced. Our mission is to get you kiteboarding confidently & safely in the shortest amount of time possible and make the learning process fun. Students receive quality instruction exclusively from IKO certified Instructors. Our school is located at the world famous Miami which offers great weather conditions year around. Our lessons are held at the flats of key biscayne and the sand bars of south beach on Miami beach.

Land Lesson Course


Theory-The big picture. Understanding the goals, the process, and the lingo needed to communicate. Learn to choose a location, evaluate wind direction, and understand the wind clock. Setting up the Equipment - How to handle the kite and lines from set-up to launch. Learn the difference between bow kites, c-kites, and 5-line kites.
Pre-Flight Check - All the tips you will need to never forget to check everything before launch.
Assisted Launches - Learn to launch and land with an assistant and the role of both the pilot and the assistant.
Kite Control-Proper methods of using the control bar and steering the kite, including adjusting the power and de-power of the kite.
Power Intake-Complete understanding of the wind window. Once kite control is established you will learn exact kite placement to either create power by flying the kite into the power zone, or reduce power by flying the kite to the edge of the window.
Use of all safety systems, including quick releases.
Dry water starts-Performing simulated water starts on land under-powered to see the steps and build muscle memory.
You are now ready for your First Water Lesson! Water Lesson Course
During the course, you will improve kite piloting with power, One handed kite piloting, body dragging hooked in to your harness Body dragging hooked in to your harness going upwind Body dragging hooked in to your harness, holding the board, getting used flying the kite and controlling the board at the same time Self rescue Getting up on the board and riding away Perfecting your water relaunching techniques Right of way rules.

Boat Rental


We have the largest and most diverse selection of boats and jet skis in miami. Whether you want to go dolphin watching, island exploring, tubing, fishing, skiing, out to dinner, or just having some family time, we have the right boat for you.

Jet Skis Rental


Who doesn’t love the thrill of feeling the wind on your face as you speed over the water on a jetski? Add some excitement to your vacation by renting a waverunner in Miami, FL. Able to fit one to three passengers, our jet ski rentals are the perfect choice for a family outing or solo excursion around Hobe Sound.

Paddle Boarding


Stand up paddle boarding is a becoming a very popular pastime. And is fun for all ages. Also know as "SUP", It was originally called "beach boy surfing", named after the famous Waikiki beach boys, who combined their outrigger canoe paddling skills with their surfing skills. Stand up paddle surfing (SUP) begins on flat water, where you can get your balance on the oversized boards. Stand-up boards are larger and more stable than surfing longboards, which makes them more stable. The boards are ridden standing up, so some initial balance is required. The rider uses a long shafted paddle for propulsion and steering. There are different strokes you learn to help you turn, and to make you go. (Steering is more about paddle-work in the beginning).


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